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The Vision of Children Foundation

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Your Membership Supports our Research Efforts

Become a VOC member and enjoy the benefits!  Not only will you be helping to off-set our administrative costs so more dollars are spent funding vision research, but you will get extra perks as well.  The annual membership fees are tiered, so you can choose what works for you.

There has been some confusion surrounding our Membership – most of you have been called “Family Network Members” for years. You still are! Now you can be "Caring," "Supporting," "Sustaining," or "LIFETIME" members. The membership time frame is on the calendar year.

Caring Member                            $30
Supporting Member $50
Sustaining Member $100
LIFETIME Member $1,000


One current benefit of membership is the chance to participate in the Project Vision Aid program. Paid members have the opportunity to apply for a portable, handheld video magnifier for their child. We are currently taking applications, and anticipate distributing them on a rolling basis. 

Once you have become a member, you may apply for a magnifier. CLICK HERE to access the Online Application.


We will also have a community forum available to members only, which will go live once we have enough members to keep it active. While the Facebook groups that many of you belong to provide a source of support, this forum will have focused areas of discussion, which will enable you to go right to the topic you'd like to discuss. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for areas of focus for the forum such as genetic history questions, what to expect in school (IEP questions/suggestions), will your child be able to drive, etc. This forum will be what you make of it as concerned parents or family members looking to support those in your lives with vision disorders.

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