Project    Vision Aid

In line with our mission to improve the lives of visually impaired individuals and their families, VOC donates handheld video magnifiers to kids with low vision who otherwise can't afford one, with the goal of helping them see better and achieve their full potential.

Since 2003, VOC's handheld video magnifiers have been effective in more than 120 schools and learning centers nationwide, assisting almost 500 visually impaired students. Evaluations from parents, teachers, and students indicate that the devices enable students to read and become more independent and mobile. Among the many evaluations from parents of children who received the device was this note from the mother of 5-year-old Adam:

The electronic magnifier has helped him overcome [his vision] challenges in so many ways. One of the most important benefits is that he is able to sit with his classmates rather than have to sit separately from them while he uses a large CCTV in the corner of the room. This has reduced his barriers to building friendships — one of our major hurdles right now. Thank you so much for helping our son gain access to the world around him. We are a family on a single income. It would have been a major financial challenge to us to be able to buy this magnifier on our own.


The Handheld Video Magnifier

Sleek, smooth, & stylish

This device is a close-up camera for viewing and handwriting, and a distance camera for items such as street signs or classroom chalk boards. Schools with visually impaired students may apply for the program and are encouraged to evaluate the device. With large, simple to use buttons and a large color LCD display, the magnifier is an easy to use electronic handheld magnifier that can magnify images up to 15X. The autofocus lets you hold the magnifier at the optimal distance from the object and your eyes.  Rest the magnifier on the page, use the writing stand or flip out the handle for optimal viewing.

What students are saying...

Book print is so small, this makes it a lot easier for me to read, especially in Chemistry.
I can see outside!
It’s perfect for me, when do I get mine?
[The device is great] especially for reading books and when I look far at the white board. Also, the document projector and in unfamiliar places.
This is awesome, and helps with [the students’] mobility and independence - a great tool to add to their repertoire. There would be no need for large print books.
— Marston Middle School Resource Teacher