Andrea Bocelli has partnered with the Vision of Children Foundation for seven different concerts over the past 20 years by offering premiere seating for its supporters to purchase at Mr. Bocelli’s public concerts. VOC was extremely honored to host a private 500 person concert  in 2004 for Vision of Children supporters that net close to $800,000 in proceeds to benefit vision research.

 Bocelli’s altruism is not only because he cares about the Foundation, but also because he has a personal connection to the work that it does. Growing up in Lajatico, Italy just an hour outside of Pisa, Bocelli was born visually impaired due to congenital glaucoma and later at 12 years old was hit in the head during a soccer match and suffered a brain hemorrhage that caused him to become completely blind. Bocelli can relate to the children the Vision of Children Foundation serves, having endured many similar challenges throughout his lifetime.

Even though Bocelli had to deal with these difficulties in early life, he managed to find refuge in music at the age of six when he began to learn how to play the piano, flute and saxophone. He didn’t let losing all his sight stop him from pursing his studies either. He financed his law degree at the University of Pisa by singing and playing the piano in bars and night clubs. He practiced law for a year after graduating, but then went back to his passion of music and studied under the great tenor, Franco Corelli. In 1992, his music career started to take off when he became friends with Luciano Pavarotti, another famous Italian opera tenor, which lead to signing with a record label and his first album, Il mare calmo della sera (1994). His success has continued ever since with him preforming his songs around the world for thousands of fans collaborating with other well-known artists like Celine Dion and Christina Aguilera in some of the most famous venues like the Metropolitan Opera and the New York Philharmonic.

The Vision of Children Foundation is excited to offer premier seating for the performance of Andrea Bocelli in San Diego for the first public performance in 20 years. Bocelli will be performing on June 21st, 2018 at the Valley View Casino Center in the heart of San Diego. Due to the limited seating, the Vision of Children Foundation is offering tickets for Foundation supporters prior to tickets being sold to the general public. For more information and to reserve your tickets while supplies still last, please email


AuthorElaine Selna