Vision Hero, Abigail Bean

Legally Blind Gymnast with Olympic Hopes joins Vision Heroes

Abigail Bean has a message for you: “You have nothing to fear except fear itself.” This message carries a lot of weight considering it comes from a 10-year-old, award-winning gymnast who was born with two genetic vision disorders, Ocular Albinism and Nystagmus.

Flipping on uneven bars or doing a routine on the balance beam is terrifying to most people, but these feats are exhilarating for Abigail. In fact, she especially loves to flip on the bars, her favorite gymnastics event. The idea that a legally blind fifth grader can rely on her sense of feel to locate the bar as she jumps through the air might seem extraordinary. But to Abigail, this is normal. “My vision has never really kept me from doing anything,” she says

Abigail’s sights are set on attending a college with a top-notch gymnastics program and competing in the Olympics. And she’s ready to work hard to achieve her goals. In her mind, nothing can stop her, and she believes you shouldn’t let anything stop you.

Abigail is our newest Vision Hero. Once you watch her video, we know you’ll agree that she is a great addition to the crew.