Vision Partner Program

Doctors and vision companies choose to partner with the Vision Partner Program (VPP) because it provides incentivized patient benefits to encourage patient exams and screenings.

VPP offers monthly social media content with key word blogs and links, mission-driven videos to share, staff in-service training focused on best practices, business and social media consulting.

VPP is passionate about supporting quality vision care and finding a cure for genetic childhood blindness. Thank you for helping us obtain this goal.

Vision Partner Program Members


Tax Deductible Donation 501(C)(3)

Partnership Benefits:

  • Monthly cause marketing material (Inspirational Vision Hero Videos)

  • Monthly original vision blog article with key words to raise your SEO

  • Monthly vision care links for your social media posts

  • VOC office certificate

  • Custom social media help

  • Your link on VOC website

  • In-service staff education

  • In-service team building

  • Custom patient thank you cards

partner benefits.png

Stephen J. Moffett, OD APC, Coronado Eye Care & Encinitas Vision

Stephen J. Moffett, OD APC, Coronado Eye Care & Encinitas Vision

I am honored to be an Optometrist Partner and opthalmologist with The Vision of Children Foundation. My patients are thrilled to know that a percentage of their exam and eyewear fees is being invested in cures for children’s genetic blindness and vision disorders…I sincerely hope that my colleagues across the country will embrace this program. Imagine the powerful message optometrists can send by investing in cures for tomorrow, in addition to providing families with clear vision today.
— Stephen J. Moffett, OD APC , Coronado Eye Care & Encinitas Vision