Shot for Sight - A VOC Family's Creative Support

Just in time for VOC Fundraising Month, a VOC family sent us the results of their recent fundraising event.

Lucas and Dylan, VOC kids

Attendees at the Shot for Sight Mitzvah project, a fundraising event benefiting VOC

Lucas and Dylan celebrated their B’nai Mitzvah last month.  Having been born with ocular albinism and being familiar with the work of VOC, they decided to do a Mitzvah (charitable) project benefiting VOC.  They called it Shot for Sight, and invited all their friends and family to come to the house for a free-throw shooting contest. 

The event raised more than $600, which was donated to VOC for vision research! We commend Lucas and Dylan, and their parents, for their creative support of VOC. Thank you so much!


Join Us

Families and kids around the nation are joining the cause during October, VOC’s Fundraising Month.  How will you join the cause to help kids see better? Hope is in sight!

October is VOC Fundraising Month