A beautiful little girl reminds us why we're grateful for your support

Sandrine smiling.jpg

This beautiful little girl named Sandrine reminds us of why we are grateful for your support – support that connects us with families all over the world and allows us to continue our mission of finding a cure for children with genetic vision disorders. Sandrine’s grandfather wrote about her in this letter:

Last year on March 5 the most beautiful and precious child came into our lives when Sandrine Delaney-Millman was born.  She is our 8th grandchild and when we knew she had all “her fingers and toes” we were so relieved.  Then, about three months later, we heard two words: ocular albinism, a phrase we had never heard before. All of us were devastated by the news. For weeks we were wondering what the future would be like for her and all of us.
When our son and daughter-in-law began speaking with other families, your Foundation – with the videos prepared by young adults with this condition – helped us become calm again. We all decided to raise her as an independent person capable of doing everything she could to live the life we all wish for her.

One day, Sandrine will have a list of accomplishments like other children and young adults who live with vision disorders.  They include a nine-year-old competitive gymnast, a 13-year-old musician and competitive runner,  a recent college graduate who is pursuing her nursing career, a young adult who is the National Blind Golf Champion, and a 26-year-old mechanical engineer who designs airplanes for the US Navy. They are our Vision Heroes.

You can be a hero, too. With your support, we can continue to fund research for a cure.

Recent advancements in research are making it possible for our scientists to explore new opportunities in gene therapy and gene editing. Scientists are working to repair mutated DNA by using stem cells created from the patient’s own skin. This stem cell project is being conducted at UCLA Stein Eye Institute under the direction of Dr. Debora Farber and funded by The Vision of Children Foundation. This research is our most promising to date and we hope that it will culminate in a human clinical trial soon!

Now, more than ever, we need your help! Please support The Vision of Children Foundation and help us put an end to genetic vision disorders forever.

Your donation will help children like Sandrine – “whose smile lights up our lives and whose eyes see much more than anyone can imagine.”

Thank you for supporting The Vision of Children Foundation. With gratitude,

Sam and Vivian Hardage

Founders of The Vision of Children Foundation

P.S. Your gift will enable cutting edge clinical research to find a cure for children like Sandrine.