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Adaptive Surfing for the Blind and Visually Impaired

One group that has been taking advantage of this sunny weather is the blind and visually impaired community. Surfing, and open water sports in general, are dangerous, depending on where you surf and the wave conditions as well, but that hasn’t stopped those in the visually impaired and blind community from tackling even the most difficult waves! 

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Genetic Testing From a Mother's Perspective

Some people get so upset with the labels...for me, they always brought a sense of comfort in knowing I now had a "ticket" for resources and an "x" on the map to find my tribe. It really has been nothing more than that for us. Separating the child from the label has always been easy. As each new label came along, I always had this mantra that would play in my head, “He is the same kid now as he was a moment ago, before this new word was used to define some aspect of him.”

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Insurance and Low Vision Devices

Low vision devices somehow were glossed over when insurance companies were deciding what should be covered and what should be your responsibility to pay. This leaves many individuals and families feeling hopeless and frustrated in their search for a vision aid that is affordable and effective.  

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