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Resources For Visually Impaired Students: Navigating the School Systems While Blind

Students who are visually impaired or blind might need special accommodations and modifications compared to other students in class. Oftentimes, there is a common misconception that low vision students and blind students need to attend specialized schools. In reality, the vast majority of these students attend public schools with the general population, they just have some additional accommodations compared to sighted students.

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Accessibility Features Offered by Top Tech Companies

Many of the global leaders in the technology industry have joined the discussion of creating a more accessible society. Finding information on the resources and technologies these innovative leaders provide is not an easy task, and such a research project may leave you with more questions than when you started. To help you navigate tech companies’ advancements and accessibility efforts, we have condensed our research to offer a clear summary of options.

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Insurance and Low Vision Devices

Low vision devices somehow were glossed over when insurance companies were deciding what should be covered and what should be your responsibility to pay. This leaves many individuals and families feeling hopeless and frustrated in their search for a vision aid that is affordable and effective.  

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