Walgreens Encinitas Vision Challenge


For two months, VOC was front and center at the Walgreens store in Encinitas. Huge VOC banners hung from the ceiling and $1 donation cards plastered the front wall. For the second year in a row, the store encouraged customers to donate to VOC at check out.

VOC Visual Challenge banners hanging in Walgreens' Encinitas location

Store Manager, Hunter Richmond, stands next to the display of the VOC Challenge video and donate cards.

“I wanted to come up with something that will grab customers’ attention,” said Store Manager Hunter Richmond. So, on the heels of publicity surrounding the ALS ice bucket challenge, Richmond decided to apply the idea for our cause.

He challenged his employees to an ice bucket challenge, made a hilarious youtube video, and played the video on a loop on a monitor next to the cash register. Richmond also showed the video at a district management meeting, and encouraged other managers to douse themselves with icy cold water and donate cash to VOC.

Final numbers are still being tallied, but it looks like Richmond and his colleagues raised more than $300 for VOC. Way to go!

Want to do your own VOC Ice Bucket Challenge?

Make sure to film it and share it on youtube or facebook with the hashtag #VOCtheBucketStopsHere , and challenge your friends and family to donate toward cures.